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Bug Conspiracies Debunked: How Eating Bugs Will Impact Us All in the Next 20 Years

Despite what some conspiracy theorists might say, eating bugs isn't going to be forced upon us by rich elites nor is it going to save the world.

If you have been on the internet lately, you have probably seen some wild conspiracies about wealthy people forcing poor people to eat bugs by 2040. You may have also heard that eating bugs will save the planet. But let's clear the air—no, rich people are not going to force poor people to eat bugs and no, it's not going to save the world.

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In this blog post, we're going to discuss what experts are saying about how eating bugs could actually help us all within the next 20 years.

Science Bruh, Science.

The truth is that by 2040, there is expected to be a massive uptick in the number of people eating bugs. This is because insects are highly nutritious and sustainable sources of food. For example, crickets contain 12-21 grams of protein per 100 grams, compared to beef which contains only 11-19 grams of protein per 100 grams. Crickets aren't competing with beef though.

Photo by Lomig / Unsplash

Additionally, insects produce fewer greenhouse gases than livestock when raised for food production and require much less water and land to raise than livestock does.

Insects can also be used as an alternative source of feed for livestock; mealworms are a great source of protein for pigs and chickens, while silkworm pupae can provide essential vitamins and minerals for fish farming. Insects are even being used as feed for pet dogs and cats!

It's kind of hard to ignore the benefits

The bottom line is that insects can be incredibly beneficial for our health and our planet if responsibly sourced and eaten as part of a balanced diet. We get it though, not everyone should eat bugs let alone are able to eat insects. They're not for everyone and that's okay.

What’s more? Insects are actually quite versatile when it comes to cooking; they can be roasted or fried like chips or ground into “flour” that can be added to any recipe—think insect-based brownies or cricket-based cookies! There is no shortage of delicious recipes out there that incorporate insects in creative ways; they just need to be tried by more adventurous eaters!

No rich guys forcing anyone here

Despite what some conspiracy theorists might tell you, eating bugs isn't going to be forced upon us by affluent elites nor is it going to save the world on its own—but it does have potential as an effective way of reducing our collective environmental footprint while simultaneously providing nourishment for those who need it most.

In less than twenty years' time, we will see a major shift in how insects are viewed—from something off-putting (or worse) to something delicious and nutritious! As long as we approach sustainable insect farming with caution and care for both humans and nature alike, eating bugs could become the norm in no time at all!

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