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Do you want to try edible insects for the first time?

It's 2022, and edible insects are starting to take their place in the United States.

Trying an edible insect for the first time can be a pretty anxious experience for a lot of people. Thankfully people like @ieatbeetlesfor365days and Fabulously Tourette have taken the plunge and share themselves shoving beetles in their mouths. Once you take that first bite, it's just as normal as snacking on peanuts.

You have a choice!

So you're interested in trying edible insects for the first time. We're glad to have you on this journey. Thankfully there are thousands of edible insects on this planet.

Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes / Unsplash

In the United States, there are quite a bit of farm-raising insects for human consumption. For example, our gal over at Gym-N-Eat Crickets in Ames, Iowa has been raising crickets for human consumption since 2018. Her products are perfect for anyone that wants to get over the "ick factor" of eating insects.

Grasshoppers are another great option. They're a bit like crickets when it comes to flavor, and they're not overwhelming at all. Chapulines are a common dish in Mexico and are commonly eaten in the fashion of a taco. They're quite delicious.

If you're like us, they're going to just dive straight into it and go for a June Beetle. June Beetles are deliciously crunchy and are not so overwhelming.

You can even get infused ones!

Sometimes it's easier to try something when you know it's going to be rewarding. When you're familiar with something, it's more comforting because you know what to expect.

Photo by Joel Muniz / Unsplash

If you've never tried an edible insect, it's quite hard to know what to expect. When your buddy infuses those brownies, they could taste the complete opposite of delicious, but it's easier to eat them when you know they're infused.

It's kind of like the same thing with Cheetles from Dusty Beetles (that's totally us). You can eat some, and 30 minutes later you'll forget your trouble even trying them. Infused June Beetles are just simply fun. There's nothing more to say about that.

Insects are great with other dishes.

Who eats a burger without any toppings or bun? Wouldn't that just be a slab of meat? Everyone loves toppings on a good burger. Our protein needs to be fun, right?

Photo by Nahima Aparicio / Unsplash

When you decorate your food it definitely makes it more pleasant to the eye. But we don't eat for pleasure, do we? People love eye candy and the same goes with our food. Sometimes eating your food with legs can be pleasant, but throwing your protein on something like a taco makes it so much more wholesome.

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