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Sal De Gusano (Worm Salt) by Don Bugito

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More Details About Sal De Gusano (Worm Salt) by Don Bugito

Have you ever had Sal de Gusano aka worm salt? We have, and it’s a great combination of a plethora of recipes.

Sal de Gusano’s flavor is smoky and umami-rich, very unique. The caterpillars used in this product are called Chinicuil worms and are found at the roots of the Agave plant.

These caterpillars (not worms) spend their entire life as larvae inside the plant. We bring the Chinicuil from Jalisco Sierras and make this delicious salt in very small batches.

Sal de Gusano is sprinkled on an orange wedge when sipping Mezcal in Mexico.

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