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About Us

We're on a mission to show people that eating bugs can be just as fun, healthy & delicious.

The Problem

The modern food industry is flooded with unhealthy, sugar-laden products that negatively affect our health and well-being. Traditional protein sources, like livestock, significantly contribute to environmental degradation and resource depletion. It's time for a change, don't you think?

The Solution

Dusty Beetles is dedicated to revolutionizing the food industry by providing delicious, nutritious, and sustainable edible insect products as a mainstream alternative.

We sell edible insects & snacks shipped within the USA.

The experience, connection, and inspiration we create ultimately create ripples of resolve that will impact our entire ecosystem within, and outwardly.

We're not here just to show people that eating bugs can be fun, delicious, and healthy. At the core of Dusty Beetles is resolve & balance.

When people choose to eat the bug, it bridges a bond to the very foundation of resolve.

*All orders are shipped within The United States.*

Dusty Beetles

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