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Edible Insects in the United States

Are you in the United States and want to try an edible insect for the first time? Our products are shipped out via USPS for fast delivery.

Are you in the United States and want to try an edible insect for the first time?

15 years ago, the only edible insects you were eating in the United States were from your backyard or imported from another country. Now it's 2022, and the edible insect industry is growing faster than ever!

With food shortages on the rise, it might be a perfect time to explore a diet with edible insects added.

We're Dusty Beetles, and we ship our edible insects within the United States. More specifically we ship infused June Beetle dusted in cheese called Cheetles. Our products are hand-crafted for an absolutely delicious experience. This means that our products are generally on-demand.

Once batches are made, they are shipped out via USPS for safe delivery. Spend over $25 and we'll ship your goodies for free!

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